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Sunday, July 28, 2013

I just don't care about PC gaming anymore.

I've been Windows free for quite a long time now - almost about 3 years (up until 3 years ago, I was dual-booting Windows XP and Slackware Linux). I thought that I was going to miss PC gaming, despite having nearly all the same games available to me for my PS3. The truth is, I haven't missed it a bit, though I do still play a handful of Linux games (which are available for Windows too), such as Red Eclipse, Xonotic, and Sauerbraten, which are a far better experience under Linux and OpenGL.

I would like to open by saying, that at this point, I still game on both PCs and consoles, so I'm not being biased for the sake of being biased.

If you ask any PC gamer, they are going to tell you the same things:
1.) Console gaming is ruining PC gaming, because they lower everyone's standards.
2.) PC gaming is superior in every way, because you can tweak with mods, get higher display resolutions, better textures, better anti-aliasing, better $insert_technical_noun_here.
3.) Consoles are for losers with no money who cannot afford gaming PC rigs.
4.) Consoles are for dummies who know nothing about computers.
5.) PC gaming is better on PCs because PCs are used to create games.
6.) A mouse and keyboard is a superior way to control games.

This list could go on further, but these are the main "points" that PC gamers make in every argument or discussion.

Frankly, I don't see things this way. I see PC gaming as a waste of a PC to be quite honest. In fact, any PC running Windows is a waste of a PC. PC gamers call console gamers "dummies", but I could just as easily call them dummies for having to run Windows, and not having the balls to run an example of an operating system that outclasses Windows at every turn (in my case, that would be Debian GNU/Linux). However, I don't lower myself to such standards. To each his/her own.

Here are some reasons why I think console gaming is better than PC gaming:
1.) System specifications.

I work in I.T. This means that I spend nearly all day, every day, troubleshooting complex enterprise networks, reading packet captures, reading logs, doing pretty much every technical task expected of an enterprise level technician. When my work day is over, and I'm looking to buy a new release, the VERY LAST thing I want to have to do is read over technical specifications, and try to roughly guess how well or poorly a new game is going to run on the hardware I have. I'd much rather just buy the game, and know it will run. In other words, "I don't have the time or the inclination for that bullshit."

2.) Convenience.

Finding a space for a console is easy. It can go in your entertainment center. It can sit next to your PC. You can even set it up in your closet. Whereever you want it. PCs need to have a space carved out for them. You typically need to have at least a small desk for them, and enough power outlets to handle the power supplies for all of your components. If I'm going to dedicate space for a PC, I'm going to use said PC to get valuable work done, not waste it on gaming.

3.) Price.

PC gamers sing, rant, and chant about how consoles really aren't cheaper than PCs. You'll hear them say things like "You can build a respectable rig for only about $700!" Uhm, last I checked, the disparity between $300 and $700 is still about 130%, so I still don't quite understand how buying a new PC saves you money.

4.) Engagement.

Sometimes I picture PC gamers as these pathetic little twerplings holed up in a dark room, with their only human contact being over Skype, or some other generic SIP or H.323 protocol. With consoles, you can have actual people with you, in the same room, and have fun playing with or against them. Actual human contact. Imagine that! Or, you can also choose to just play multiplayer over the network with a console as well. You can be just as anti-social and awkward as PC gamers if you so choose. Console gaming can be a much more social experience. Please, don't bother mentioning LAN parties. LAN parties suck. They're just large rooms filled with people who have their noses training on their PCs, and they barely speak to each other. LAN parties are just awkward people, lumped into a room together, all being awkward and quiet toegether. No thanks.

5.)  Exclusive titles.

Lets face it, many PC exclusives pretty much garner a "meh" repsonse from gamers overall. These days, there are barely any PC exclusives worth playing anyway. Console exclusives tend to have much bigger budgets, and the results often reflect that (barring titles like Call of Duty $INTEGER, etc.). For example, look at Uncharted 3. It is one of the finest examples of interactive entertainment ever created. If you're a PC gamer, the best you're going to do is watch videos of other people playing it on Youtube.com. Other exclusives like the Killzone series, the Resistance series, etc., really push console hardware as much as possible. Could the graphics be better on a PC? Sure. But these days, who really cares THAT MUCH about graphics? I think good graphics are a part of good gaming, but graphics are not 90% of the overall gaming experience. Ultimately, the storytelling and/or gameplay are what the game is about. Graphics are, at best, tertiary.

Go ahead PC gamers. Flame away.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nostalgic forever...

When you consider how much garbage is being pumped out by game makers these days, is it any wonder that many people are simply not buying new games anymore? It seems that retro-gaming is experiencing a sort of second wind as of late. It doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

Hey, game developers. We're tired of games that rehash the same stories over and over again. We're tired of games that insist we complete "chores", rather than defeating challenging foes, in order to move forward. We're tired of games that essentially glue your feet to fixed rails, tell you where to point/shoot, and say "There now! Wasn't that realisitic and exciting?!" We're tired of electronic amusement rides.

For those of you who agree with me, and are sick of lapping up fetid and festering dogwater games, here are some open/free alternatives you may like as much as I do:

Sure, I'm stuck in the year 1999 as far as gaming is concerned. I'm in a happy place, and I'll probably still be here long after every single other person has left.